Latex Warning

WARNING: Some items are made with Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), which may cause minor to life-threatening allergic reactions. Minor symptoms include hives or nasal congestion. Severe reactions may result in anaphylaxis, a dangerous systemic reaction that causes a drop in blood pressure; difficulty breathing; swelling of the throat, tongue, and nose; and even loss of consciousness, and could be life threatening if left unattended. Emergency medical attention is needed at the first sign of anaphylactic reaction. Call 911 or your local emergency number if this occurs.   FFG_CO, LLC assumes no liability for reactions to rubber products, nor outcomes of such reactions.

Breath Play

Breath play is where your breathing is restricted by the closure of your nose and or mouth. This is sometimes due to the use of gags, hoods, rope around neck, sleepsack, etc. Please never play alone and only play with someone who is experienced in this subject. Also, remember that you can cause damage to the neck if using rope or hands around the throat. Seek emergency medical care if this occurs.

Playing Alone

We strongly suggest that you never play alone when there is anything restricting your breathing or when using anything that can impair your judgement (alcohol, inhalants, drugs). It may sound like fun but there have been many deaths due to playing alone.


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