Sirs Silvered Geisha Balls


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Sirs Silvered Geisha Balls

She held the little silver colored balls in her hand. They had smaller weighted balls inside them. What am I to do with these? she asked. Sir smiled at his demure pupil- Put them inside you dear, he said. Confused and excited, she did as she was instructed, slipping in the first one, then the next. Now, I want you to slowly walk towards the door- Sir said. Doing as she was told, she felt the most thrilling sensations happening inside and found that she had to flex her vaginal muscles to keep the balls from falling out. Now, he said, come here. I want to see you moving with them in…

Sirs Silvered Geisha Balls. Supremely weighted orgasm inducing balls that are ideal for Kegel strengthening and stimulating her from the inside out.

Measurements: 1.3 inches in diameter

Material: ABS plastic

Color: Silver

UPC: 848518004789



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