Premium Leather Sleep Sack- Large


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Premium Leather Sleep Sack- Large

Made of high quality leather, this sleep sack will keep your sub practically immobile. Once inside, you can close the sleep sack using the dual zippers located in the front. You can also loop the string through the buckles for a more snug fit. The sleep sack will cover your sub from the neck down. On top of having dual zippers in the front, which will allow you to expose them, there is also a zipper in the back which runs from about the middle of the back to the bottom of the butt.

Measurements: 17 inch Neck; 52 inch Chest and Arms; 52 inch Waist and Forearms; 46 inch Hips and Waist; 40 inch Thighs and Fingers; 17.5 inch Ankles and 57.5 inches from collar to base of feet.

Material: Leather

Color: Black

UPC: 811847019694

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