Hunky Junk Cog Ring 2 Size Double Pack


Hunky Junk Cog Ring 2 Size Double Pack

Cog rubbery c-rings are a 2 piece pack of 1 small + 1 large COG c-ring in one pack. COG is designed for guys that like a heftier super-stretchy c-ring, the set allows the user to wear the size that gives the right grip for play, or use one as a c-ring and the other as a thick ball-ring. A groove inside the ring that holds a bit of lube for comfortable wear and an inner ring that flattens as COG stretches so it stays where you want it…it will not roll or pinch.

MATERIAL: plus+siliconeTPR/silicone blend

DIMENSIONS: SMALL RING W:2″H:2″D:.5″ OuterCirc:6″InnerCirc:2.75″ LARGE RING W:2.25″H:2.25″D:.75″ OuterCirc:6.75″InnerCirc:3.2



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