Oxballs specialises in high quality sex toys for men. Starting off with dildos, founder Stephen Lane hand sculpted each prototype out of clay. He then perfected a moulding process which utilises his special blend of pure platinum silicone thus leading the way for intricately detailed sex toys for men mass produced to meet the demands of the masses. He then moved on to create cock rings, butt plugs, urethral sounds and so much more. His products have taken the USA by storm and Ox won’t stop till there’s one of his products in or on every man.
Made out of thermoplastic rubber, Oxballs products are extremely stretchy and allow for perfect moulding. Recognising everyone’s individuality, we offer a wide variety of designs. The synthetic material is soft, comfortable, and will mould to your specific body shape, stretching three times its original size. Products will feel ‘made to measure’ for maximum enjoyment!

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